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2. Roll Call
1. Roll Call
3. Public Comment
4. Approval of the Agenda
5. Public Hearings - 10 AM (Items scheduled to be heard at a specific time will be heard no earlier than the stated time, but may be heard later.)
1. Staff Report (For Possible Action): Resolution No. ________ Case No. LDC18-00023 (Adoption of City of Reno Master Plan and Repeal of Existing Master Plan) Adoption of comprehensive City of Reno Master Plan consistent with Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) 278.150 to 278.240 and repeal of existing City of Reno Master Plan. The Master Plan contains guiding principles, goals, policies, implementation strategies, and various supporting maps, including a land use plan map. These components of the Master Plan will guide future decisions related to development and land use, natural resources, mobility, infrastructure, public services, and other issues of interest to the City and its citizens as the City grows and evolves.
documentResolution Printout
a. Exhibit A - Draft Master Plan - November 2017 City Council Review Draft
b. Exhibit B - Planning Commission Staff Report - October 18, 2017
c. Exhibit C - Draft Planning Commission Meeting Minutes - October 18, 2017
d. Letters re 5.1 - 11-08-2017Distributed After Initial Posting
e. Master Plan power pointPresented/Distributed at Meeting
f. Master Plan_Brekhus CommentsDistributed After Initial Posting
g. REVISED CC_171108meeting_PlanAdoption_Revised_171107Presented/Distributed at Meeting
h. 5.1 Discussion_Motion_Slides_171108Presented/Distributed at Meeting
i. 5.1 Reno City Council Special Meeting Master Plan Request en changes 11_7_17Presented/Distributed at Meeting
j. 5.1 Reno Housing Authority Site Plan Schematic - 11-7-2017Presented/Distributed at Meeting
k. 5.1 Sutro_Hillboro_LotsPresented/Distributed at Meeting
6. Public Comment
7. Adjournment