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Staff Report (For Possible Action): Approval of Exclusive Negotiating Agreement with Rosewood Lakes Sports Village, LLC for the Pembroke Recreational Complex, which includes Rosewood Lakes Golf Course.


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Recommendation and Proposed Motion

Recommendation:  Staff recommends approval of an Exclusive Negotiating Agreement with Rosewood Lakes Sports Village, LLC for Pembroke Recreational Complex, which includes Rosewood Lakes Golf Course.


Proposed Motion:  I move to approve staff recommendation.

Staff Report Formal Body

Summary: The City of Reno released Request for Qualifications (RFQ) #030089, seeking qualified candidates for the development, operation and maintenance of a recreational complex through an open process.  The City owns five parcels around Pembroke Drive and is interested in having them developed with recreational amenities that include athletic fields, golf, open space, and other amenities commonly located with a public outdoor recreational complex.  One response was received.  Council selected Rosewood Lakes Sports Village, LLC for the development, operation, and maintenance of the Pembroke Recreational Complex in response to the Request for Qualifications #030089. Staff recommends approval of an Exclusive Negotiating Agreement with Rosewood Lakes Sports Village, LLC for the Pembroke Recreational Complex, which includes Rosewood Lakes Golf Course.


Previous Council Action:

April 26, 2017 - Council awarded RFQ #030089 to Rosewood Lakes Sports Village, LLC for the development, operation, and maintenance of the Pembroke Recreational Complex.


January 25, 2017 - Council approved RFQ #030089 for the development, operation, and maintenance of the Pembroke Recreational Complex.


Background: The proposed project contains five parcels that the City of Reno owns.  A corresponding map of the location of the parcels is attached to the staff report.  Below is a brief history of each parcel.   


1.                                        Three Parcels on Pembroke Drive

021-050-01 44.36 acres

021-050-02 52.29 acres

021-050-03 14.55 acres

          Total 111.2 acres


These three parcels were purchased by the City of Reno Sewer Fund to use effluent (reuse) water from the sewer plant.  The successful development will be required to use effluent water on these parcels equal to or greater than current use of effluent water on site.


2.                                                        Rosewood Lakes Golf Course

The City of Reno developed, maintained, and operated Rosewood Lakes Golf Course in 1990 as an 18-hole championship golf course.  In 2012 the City of              Reno entered into an agreement to construct the southeast connector roadway through the middle of the golf course.  In 2014, the City entered into an operation agreement with the First Tee of Northern Nevada for Rosewood Lakes Golf Course.  There are eight remaining holes and a driving range on site. The City is interested in having a golf component as part of the proposed recreational complex.  The City prefers that the successful candidate work the First Tee of Northern Nevada into their operation plan.  


3.                                                        Parcels 021-160-50 and 021-771-01

These parcels will be zoned as open space through the development process.


Discussion: If Council approves the Exclusive Negotiating Agreement (ENA), the City and RLSV will negotiate a definitive development agreement whereunder RLSV will be responsible for the costs to develop, operate, and maintain the property as a public parkland/open space.  The overall goal of this project is to increase the number of athletic fields for the local athletic programs as well as create an economic impact for Reno by creating a sports complex that can host large regional and national athletic tournaments. 


The ENA provides for exclusive negotiations between the City of Reno and RLSV with respect to (i) the transfer, lease or other disposition of the Property; (ii) any proposal to develop the property; (iii) any special events to be conducted on the property; and (iv) the terms of any development agreement involving the Property. A summary of the ENA terms is as follows:






City of Reno, a municipal corporation

One East First Street

Reno, Nevada, 89501


Authorized Contact:  Director of Parks Department


Sports Developer




Rosewood Lakes Sports Village L.L.C., a California Limited Liability Company, and affiliates.

10824 Olson Dr. Suite C-216

Rancho Cordova, CA 95670

Authorized Representative:  Gary Powers, Principal




See Exhibit A




Pembroke Recreational Complex, a possible development of the Property into a sports complex including a preliminary program of:

·         A nine hole golf course, clubhouse, driving range, two hole golf academy training zone and pitch/putt practice green and traps;

·         11 natural turf baseball fields with bleacher facilities

·         4 natural turf soccer fields with bleacher facilities,

·         a field house, restaurant facility, restrooms, paved parking all sufficient to accommodate tournaments,

·         solar panels covering parking lot

·         a 100,000 square foot data center.


Term of Agreement

This Agreement commences on execution and terminates 180 calendar days afterward unless extended under §5.01.c or sooner terminated as provided in § 7.02.  Time is of the essence; both parties shall proceed in an expeditious manner to reach terms of agreement.



The ENA requires community input from the Neighborhood Advisory Board, sports organizations, Recreation and Parks Commission, and homeowners associations before the definitive agreement is entered into. It also requires noise, traffic and light pollution studies as a part of the “Planning and Preliminary Design” phase of the project.


Per the ENA, RLSV will submit a final proposal for the recreational complex, including a detailed site plan for the parcels with an accompanying operations plan for City Council’s review and approval.       


Financial Implications:  None at this time.


Legal Implications:  Legal review completed for compliance with City procedures and Nevada Law. 



Meeting History

Sep 13, 2017 12:00 PM Video Reno City Council Regular

The Mayor called for public comment.

The following individuals spoke in support of the Pembroke agreement: 1) Mike Mazzaferri, 7150 Gazin Court; and 2) Eric Moen, 3260 Eaglewood Drive.

Toni Tolani, 3200 Eaglewood Drive, submitted a Public Comment Form in support of the agreement, but did not wish to speak.


Council Member Delgado noted that this was the only bid received for the development, operation and maintenance of the recreational complex, and discussed issues related to the location of the proposed data center.


Andy Bass, Director of Parks, Recreation and Community Services, said that the Recreation and Parks Commission recommended approval of the agreement, and staff has so far been unsuccessful in finding an alternate location for the data center.

Council Member Brekhus discussed the public/private partnership aspects of the agreement, as well as her concerns about the lack of information regarding the fiscal impacts of the agreement and the fact that the data center is in the floodplain. We need a gap analysis and we need to maintain the parks that we have. I see what the goal is, but I am not convinced that we are moving down a strategic path.

Mr. Bass said that this is not the final agreement, but rather an agreement that lasts for 180 days. They will be meeting with the Neighborhood Advisory Boards (NABs), youth sports groups, Recreation and Parks Commission, and Homeowners Associations (HOAs), and will have a site plan with a description of how they plan to schedule the different sports programs. They will have an economic study done that will hopefully answer many of those questions about the budgets and financing plans. There will be traffic, light and noise studies, and all those things will come forward after 180 days. The Request for Qualifications (RFQ) make it clear that there are zero dollars of public money available for this project, and the person who is successful with this has to build, maintain and operate this with their own dollars. The developers we are working with understand that and agree to those terms.

Council Member Duerr stated her support for a sports complex, and disclosed that she met with Mr. Bass and the Rosewood Lakes Sports Village, LLC. She said that she is completely opposed to building a server site in the middle of a floodplain. A server facility has a certain size and mass, and everything that we put in the floodplain displaces water, which could exacerbate flooding for nearby residents. I also want assurance from staff that the process will be done without the presumption that this agreement is going to be the project.

Council Member McKenzie discussed the importance of finding fields to support a variety of sports. We can do this with no cost to the taxpayers, and it would fulfill a promise we made when we moved forward with the Southeast Connector that the golf course would not go away. This is a negotiating agreement, not the final agreement, and this gives us an opportunity to work on answers to the questions.

Council Member Delgado reiterated the need for additional baseball, soccer, football and golf opportunities.

MOVER:Oscar Delgado, Councilmember
SECONDER:Paul McKenzie, Councilmember
AYES:Hillary Schieve, Naomi Duerr, Oscar Delgado, Paul McKenzie, Neoma Jardon, David Bobzien
NAYS:Jenny Brekhus