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Rosewood Lakes Golf Course - James Keegan, Managing Principal, Golf Convergence.


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Meeting History

Jan 15, 2014 12:00 PM Video Reno City Council Regular

James Keegan, Managing Principal, Golf Convergence, made the presentation.

Kim Rhodemyre, 4313 Leeward Lane, discussed her concerns about the area wetlands, noting that the golf course was used for flood storage.

Tim Woodside, 7430 Hinton, Wooster High School golf team coach, discussed his students' use of the Rosewood Lakes Golf Course.

Lance Van Lydegraf, 565 West Arroyo, discussed his involvement with the creation of the men's and women's golf clubs, and the need for recreational activities such as golf in the City of Reno.

James Norton, 4829 West Lakeridge Terrace, discussed his support for the golf course.

Fred Elliott, 4141 West Hidden Valley Drive, PGA professional, discussed the need for keeping the golf course operational.

Pete Strom, 6006 Meadow Edge Drive, discussed his support for keeping the golf course open.

Sam Dehne, Reno resident, presented his views on this issue.

James MacDougall, 3311 Sandra Drive, member of the City's Financial Advisory Board (FAB), reminded the Council of the FAB's earlier recommendation that the City of Reno could not afford to continue losing, on average, over $500,000 a year on the golf course.

The following seven individuals presented Public Comment Forms in favor of keeping Rosewood Lakes Golf Course operational: 1) Douglas Reimer, 4075 Riverhaven Drive; 2) Carole Reimer, 4075 Riverhaven Drive; 3) Jim Wodke, 4775 Pembroke Drive; 4) Karen Wodke, 4775 Pembroke Drive; 5) Danny Ludwig, 1541 Dayton Way; 6) Lori Elliott, 4141 West Hidden Valley Drive; and 7) David Freitas, 3320 Penfield Circle.

Discussion ensued regarding the possibility of leaving the property in open space, and the improbability of commercially developing the property.