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Staff Report (For Possible Action - Recommendation to City Council): Case No. TXT20-00002 – (Packaged Alcoholic Beverage Sales) – A request has been made to amend the Reno Municipal Code Title 18, “Annexation and Land Development”, Chapter 18.08 Zoning, Article II “Permitted Uses and Use Regulations”, Sections 18.08.201 Titled “Permitted Uses by Base Zone District”, 18.08.202 Titled “Additional Regulations for Principal Uses”, and 18.08.203 Titled “Standards for Accessory Uses and Structures”; Chapter 18.12 Article XXI “Safe Scape Regulations”, and Chapter 18.24, “Rules of Measurement and Definitions”. This amendment will specifically establish Packaged Alcoholic Beverage Sales as a principal and accessory use, add regulations and definitions associated with the principal and accessory uses, relocate downtown Safe Scape regulations to Chapter 5.07, and reference relocated provisions in Chapter 5.07; together with matters which pertain to or are necessarily connected therewith.


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