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Staff Report

Staff Report (For Possible Action): Case No. LDC20-00025 (LIV+ Master Plan and Zoning Map Amendments) Request for: 1) a Master Plan amendment from ±1.76 acres of Single-Family Neighborhood (SF) and ±3.16 acres of Parks, Greenways, and Open Space (PGOS) to ±4.67 acres of Multi-Family Neighborhood (MF) and ±0.25 acres of Parks, Greenways, and Open Space (PGOS); and 2) a zoning map amendment from ±3.43 acres of Mixed Use/University of Nevada Regional Center Planning Overlay Zoning District/Open Space (MU/UNRC/OS) and ±3.36 acres of Mixed Use/University of Nevada Regional Center Planning Overlay Zoning District /Residential Area (MU/UNRC/RA) to ±6.79 acres of Multi-Family – 30 units per acre (MF30) and ±0.25 acres of Open Space (OS). The ±7.04 acre site is located north of the intersection of Wells Avenue and Winston Drive.


Department:Community Development - PlanningSponsors:
Wards:Ward 4

Recommendation and Proposed Motion

Recommendation:  The Planning Commission recommends Council adopt the requested Master Plan amendment by resolution and zoning map amendment by ordinance.


Proposed Motion:  I move to uphold the recommendation of the Planning Commission.


Master Plan Amendment


I move to adopt Resolution No. ____________.


Zoning Map Amendment


First Reading:  I move to refer Bill No. __________ for a second reading and adoption.

Staff Report Formal Body

Summary:  This is a request for a Master Plan amendment and zoning map amendment to increase the residential designated area and decrease the open space designated area on an approximately seven acre site located north of the intersection of Wells Avenue and Winston Drive. The existing designations reflect prior plans for University expansion into this area.


The Planning Commission recommends Council approve the requested master plan amendment by resolution and zoning map amendment by ordinance.


Discussion:  The request was heard by the Planning Commission on December 5, 2019.  Two people spoke in opposition to the proposal. Both expressed concerns regarding compatibility of future development with the existing animal and animal by-product processing facility (Reno Rendering) located to the east of the amendment site.


The Planning Commission discussed the existing nonconforming animal and animal by-product processing facility adjacent to the amendment site, potential project design features that could be utilized to minimize impacts from Reno Rendering operations, past code complaints regarding odors, and natural features present on the amendment site. 


An analysis of this request’s conformance with applicable Master Plan policies and zoning map amendment findings is included in the attached December 5, 2019 Planning Commission staff report. Minutes of the Planning Commission public hearing on the request and Neighborhood Advisory Board (NAB) comments provided after preparation of the Planning Commission staff report are also attached to this staff report.


Advisory Commission Vote:  Seven in favor; none opposed; none absent.


Financial Implications:  None at this time.


Legal Implications:  None at this time.




Master Plan Amendment Evaluation CriteriaIn order to make the determination required by NRS 278.150 (Master Plan Preparation and Adoption), NRS 278.220 (Master Plan Adoption by Governing Body), and NRS 278.230 (Master Plan Effectuation by Governing Body) for amendments to the Master Plan, the Planning Commission and Council should consider the following Master Plan evaluation criteria that bear relation to the planning and physical development of the City; serve as a pattern and guide for orderly physical growth and development of the City which will cause the least amount of natural resource impairment, conform to the adopted population plan and ensure an adequate supply of housing, including affordable housing; and, form a basis for the efficient expenditure of funds relating to the subjects of the City of Reno Master Plan:

·         Evaluation Criteria 1: Proposed amendment is consistent with the overall intent of the Master Plan

·         Evaluation Criteria 2: Proposed amendment is required based on changed conditions or further studies

·         Evaluation Criteria 3: Proposed amendment is compatible with the surrounding area

·         Evaluation Criteria 4: Strict adherence to the current goals and policies of the Master Plan would result in a situation neither intended by nor in keeping with the other guiding principles, goals and policies

·         Evaluation Criteria 5: Proposed amendment will not have a negative effect on adjacent properties or on transportation services and facilities

·         Evaluation Criteria 6: Proposed amendment will have a minimal effect on service provision and/or is compatible with existing and planned service provision and future development of the area

·         Evaluation Criteria 7: Proposed amendment will not cause detriment to the public health, safety and general welfare of the people of Reno


Master plan amendments shall not be in effect prior to the Truckee Meadows Regional Planning Commission finding the master plan amendments conform to the Truckee Meadows Regional Plan.


Zoning Map Amendment Findings:  As set forth in NRS Section 278.250(2) (Zoning Districts and Regulations), the Planning Commission and City Council are required to find that the zoning map amendment is in accordance with the Master Plan and meets the following requirements as applicable:

a.       To preserve the quality of air and water resources.

b.      To promote the conservation of open space and the protection of other natural and scenic resources from unreasonable impairment.

c.       To consider existing views and access to solar resources by studying the height of new buildings which will cast shadows on surrounding residential and commercial developments.

d.      To reduce the consumption of energy by encouraging the use of products and materials which maximize energy efficiency in the construction of buildings.

e.       To provide for recreational needs.

f.        To protect life and property in areas subject to floods, landslides and other natural disasters.

g.      To conform to the adopted population plan, if required by NRS 278.170 (Coordination of master plans; Adoption of all or parts).

h.      To develop a timely, orderly and efficient arrangement of transportation and public facilities and services, including public access and sidewalks for pedestrians, and facilities and services for bicycles.

i.        To ensure that the development on land is commensurate with the character of the physical limitations of the land.

j.        To take into account the immediate and long-range financial impact of the application of particular land to particular kinds of development, and the relative suitability of the land for development.

k.      To promote health and the general welfare.

l.        To ensure the development of an adequate supply of housing for the community, including the development of affordable housing.

m.    To ensure the protection of existing neighborhoods and communities, including the protection of rural preservation neighborhoods.

n.      To promote systems which use solar or wind energy.

o.      To foster the coordination and compatibility of land uses with any military installation in the city, county or region, taking into account the location, purpose and stated mission of the military installation.