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Staff Report

Staff Report (For Possible Action): Accept Dedication of Certain Real Property, APN #234-031-02 and 234-031-03, from Toll North Reno LLC for Somersett West Park, located at 2110 Hawk Meadow Trail. (No City Funds)


Department:Parks and RecreationSponsors:
Wards:Ward 5

Recommendation and Proposed Motion

Recommendation:  Staff recommends that Council accept the offer of dedication of parcels 234-031-02 and -03 from Toll North Reno LLC, authorize the Mayor to execute the deed acceptance, and the City Manager to execute all necessary escrow closing documents.


Proposed Motion:  I move to approve staff recommendation.

Staff Report Formal Body

Summary: Toll North Reno LLC (“Toll”) has offered to the City dedication of two parcels of one acre each for inclusion in Somersett West Park, which is currently under construction.  During the design phase for Somersett West Park, Toll offered to dedicate two additional one acre parcels to the City to accommodate the features included in the park design.  Toll is offering the parcels at no cost to the City. Staff requests Council accept the dedication of the parcels, authorize the Mayor to execute the deed acceptance, and authorize the City Manager to execute escrow and closing documents.


Previous Council Action:  On June 12, 2019, Council approved a bid award for construction of Somersett West Park, which includes development on these two parcels.


Discussion:  The Park Development Agreement with the master developer for the Somersett PUD included Somersett West Park, a +/- 3.5 acre park site on the western side of the PUD.  During the design phase for the park, one of the most requested features by residents of Somersett was areas for off-leash dogs.  However, the existing area was not large enough to include a suitably size off-leash area.  Toll, which is developing the adjacent Unit 6 residential community, offered to dedicate two additional acres to the City so that the park could include an area for off-leash dogsThese two parcels were intended to be common open space.


Financial Implications:  City will pay transfer and escrow fees from the CIP budget for Somersett West Park.


Legal Implications:  Legal has reviewed the preliminary documents.