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Staff Report (For Possible Action): Case No. LDC20-00025 (LIV+ Master Plan and Zoning Map Amendments) Resolution to adopt an amendment to the Land Use Plan of the City of Reno Master Plan (Resolution 8475) in Case No. LDC20-00025 by changing the land use designation on property generally located north of the intersection of Wells Avenue and Winston Drive from ±1.76 acres of Single-Family Neighborhood (SF) and ±3.16 acres of Parks, Greenways, and Open Space (PGOS) to ±4.67 acres of Multi-Family Neighborhood (MF) and ±0.25 acres of Parks, Greenways, and Open Space (PGOS).


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RESOLUTION TO ADOPT AN AMENDMENT TO THE LAND USE PLAN OF THE CITY OF RENO MASTER PLAN (RESOLUTION 8475) IN CASE NO. LDC20-00025 BY CHANGING THE LAND USE DESIGNATION ON PROPERTY GENERALLY LOCATED NORTH OF THE INTERSECTION OF WELLS AVENUE AND WINSTON DRIVE FROM ±1.76 acres of Single-Family Neighborhood (SF) AND ±3.16 ACRES of Parks, Greenways, and Open Space (PGOS) to ±4.67 acres of Multi-Family Neighborhood (MF) and ±0.25 acres of Parks, Greenways, and Open Space (PGOS).


                            WHEREAS, the Reno City Council, on December 13, 2017, approved Resolution No. 8475, adopting the Reno Master Plan; and


              WHEREAS, the Reno City Planning Commission, on December 5, 2019, approved Resolution No. 03-19, adopting the amendments to the Land Use Plan of the Reno Master Plan attached hereto as Exhibit A, and has recommended that the Council make the determinations required by law and adopt the proposed amendments;


              WHEREAS, this Council has held a duly noticed public hearing on February 12, 2020 as required by NRS 278.220;


NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Reno City Council:


1.              In accordance with NRS 278.220 and NRS 278.230, based on the written and testimonial information presented to it, this Council determines that the proposed Master Plan amendment may be applied to the development of the city for a reasonable period next ensuing and


(a)                That the Amendments (i) are consistent with the overall intent of the Master Plan; (ii) are required based on changed conditions or further studies; (iii) are compatible with the surrounding areas; (iv) will not have a negative effect on adjacent properties or on transportation services and facilities; (v) will have minimal effect on service provision and/or are compatible with existing and planned service provision and future development of the area; (vi) will not cause detriment to the public health, safety, and general welfare of the people of Reno; and (viii) that strict adherence to the current goals and policies of the Master Plan would result in a situation neither intended by nor in keeping with other guiding principles, goals, and policies;  and


(b)               That with the Amendments, the Master Plan will continue to serve as a pattern and guide for orderly physical growth and development of the City which will cause the least amount of natural resource impairment, conform to the adopted population plan, and ensure an adequate supply of housing, including affordable housing; and form a basis for the efficient expenditure of funds relating to the subjects of the City of Reno Master Plan.

2.              That this Council hereby adopts all the maps, descriptive matter and other materials contained in Case No. LDC20-00025 (LIV+ Master Plan and Zoning Map Amendments), including changes to the Land Use Map as set forth in Exhibit A hereto, and amends Resolution No. 8475 accordingly, subject to a conformance review by the Regional Planning Commission.


3.              That this Resolution be forwarded to the Regional Planning Commission for a determination that it conforms to the Truckee Meadows Regional Plan.


4.              That the Master Plan amendment adopted hereby shall become effective only if and when the Regional Planning Commission determines that it conforms to the Truckee Meadows Regional Plan.


Upon motion by Councilmember                                , and seconded by Councilmember

                               , the foregoing Resolution was passed and adopted this ________ day of

                               , 2019, by the following vote of the Council:










APPROVED this           day of                                , 2020.
















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