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Staff Report

Staff Report (For Possible Action): Approval of Agreement between the City of Reno, on behalf of the Reno Police Department, and Blue Cover Six LLC, for computer software services for FY 19/20 in an amount not to exceed $78,000. (Forfeiture Funds)


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Recommendation and Proposed Motion

Recommendation:  Staff recommends Council approve the agreement and authorize the Mayor to sign.


Proposed Motion:  I move to approve staff recommendation.

Staff Report Formal Body

Summary: The Reno Police Department has worked with Blue Cover Six LLC (formerly JBJ Enterprises) over the past eight years to develop and leverage cutting edge technology and services. This long standing and successful collaboration has resulted in the mission critical CJIS Compliant Everwatch Log System, Mobile Officer’s Guide 2.0, ROP App, the MyRPD Community App, and countless others. This advancement in targeted technology has provided RPD officers with meaningful technology and efficiency creating tools making their job in the field safer and easier through access to critical data at the speed of life. The additional projects outlined will continue to enhance the safety and efficiency of all staff at the Reno Police Department as well as significantly improve our commitment to enhancing community engagement.


Discussion:  Below is a list of projects proposed to be completed within the next fiscal year. The development and enhancement of existing software will provide greater security while allowing better access and flexibility as it pertains to information sharing both internally and with the community. This reinforces our goal of maintaining community engagement as a top priority.


When dealing with software development, timelines and costs can only be estimated due to the nature of unknown factors which occur during the process. The attached Agreement has also been reviewed by City IT staff.


RPD K9 Bomb App


This K9 Data app provides officers who are K9 Handlers the ability to track the many details of training and dog deployment for compliance and for testimony for court which is a regular occurrence for such data. The K9 Data app does not have the correct properties and dataset to serve the specialized duty of bomb dogs, but where the investment has been made in time can be preserved. The K9 Data app will be cloned to provide a template to build a version for these special dogs to track their training and deployment. This will bring the cost to production down significantly.


Firearm Release Management App

The weapon release process is a high visibility, high liability area for the City of Reno and the Reno Police Department.  A mistake cannot be made.  This is a long and expensive, manual, but intermittent process so memory will not serve and notes and references must be checked and rechecked by the firearm release team (FRT). The FRT team has to be in compliance with Federal Firearm Law and State law and local policy which is a time consuming process as each firearm and owner has a unique placement inside these statutes.  Additionally, the assignment to the FRT is not the primary duty of any member, adding to the challenge of making sure the particulars of a firearm release request are correct and the department's response is measured and fair.  Citizens can be challenged to get timely updates on their request with this paper driven system where disclosure can only happen in stages, as multiple parties sign off. To improve data authenticity, record keeping, compliance, exposure of liabilities, efficiency and communication with citizens in our City, a custom software solution is required.

Building on the RPD’s release of the Public Portal and the department’s investments in a CJIS compliance system, a database application will be built to track the citizen’s request, the chain of custody and the fulfillment or denial of the request.

Each firearm request is unique; and the compliance is particular to the RPD as it would be with every municipality. At a minimum the system will record, who the requestor claims to be and later background check verifications, a Brady check with a two question extension, the particulars of how the weapon came into custody which the system will label many categories and subcategories.   The system will track FRT tasks, within the request process and will automate notification of the task responsible parties who can update status.  These parties include, FRT, RPD evidence, records, City Attorney’s Office and the ATF and of course the citizens.  The system will properly close the request with an authenticated release to the owner or destruction of the firearm.

On-Going Work

Over the past seven years, the RPD and BCS have collaborated on several high impact projects designed to improve communication and effectiveness among officers, the community, citizens, the department and outside agencies.


System Checks

Each day, each end of week, each month a number of things are manually inspected, tested or queried to proactively prevent failure or cure failures or mistakes that have occurred.   Weekly the focus is on securing and inventorying backups. Monthly, the focus is on a snapshot of all backups.  Daily checks include, desktop inspect of PCS (runs 13 jobs), myRPD Push service and query logs to be sure new data went in.  System Checks also include scheduled tests to insure products are still running that get intermittent use like “add wanted person” or “general orders”.


Bug Reports

To date, BCS performs second tier support for the following products (non-comprehensive list), (bad links, formatting and device display of site), general orders utility, myRPD native app, MOG First Edition,  K9Data, Divisions/ Dept,   Everwatch,  Neverwatch, Forms Admin, NewsAdmin.  This includes on site working with product users. Bug reports must be researched and answered regardless if the product is not at fault.  Finally, sites/apps go down at times at the host level, and this requires rapid response for determining a cure.


VSU Database and Crime Reporting Projects

This product will go live during this fiscal year work will be ongoing to maintain this project so some thought has gone into asking to provision funds for the products upkeep.


Everwatch / Neverwatch

All watch log information is submitted to the RPD Everwatch CJIS compliant data program.  Officers can search and sort logs and research archived information.  A companion application, Neverwatch, which automatically syncs to Everwatch, allows staff to redact information for public consumption.  Ongoing work will be needed to support their use and maintain their compliance.


RPD Portal

An online public private portal to l host applications to be used by the public but then be filtered into a CJIS complaint database and worked on by RPD staff and officers.  Staff and sworn app will be moved into this shared format over time, the Hit-N-Run App being the first. This new product will likely have revisions requested this year.


Person of Interest App

Shared among northern NV police agencies the Person of Interest app allows detectives to record information of those persons being sought such that if that matches with a new custody record from WCSO the subscribers become notified.   This new product will/may have revisions and additional features requested this year.


RPD Online Crime Reporting

Public Reporting system uses a heuristic set of question cards to gather specific information on an incident for an accurate filing of a police report.  Hosted in the RPD Port it facilitates the dissemination of the reported information and enhances citizen to department communications. This new product will likely have revisions requested this year.


Hot Sheets

An app was created to allow Records personnel to enter records of stolen vehicles previously done, moving from a more manual excel spreadsheet system which required a new spreadsheet file to be created each day.  A new extension added to the MOG to view and filter this data for officers and communicate that vehicles have been recovered by sworn officers in the field.  A third app was created as a fast reporting tool for Police Vehicle MDTs and the printing of same from the station or other applicable devices. These new product will likely have revisions requested this year.

Citizen Camera Registration

Becoming live this year, this product allows citizens to volunteer the location and coverage of their private outdoor security camera using easy to use map and graphic tools.  Investigators and can search locations to find out if any of those record locations would offer video of incidents. This new product could have revisions requested this year.


ATLS Everwatch

A significant upgrade of the Everwatch product is completed and will launch this year to manage and display the list of persons the department is attempting  to locate (ATL).  Interoperability with the Watch Logs system in place is a key feature.  This will allow a CJIS compliant, non-email sharing of this critical information among officers.

The Reno Police Department’s citizen and employee acclaimed website and public face. This site is continuously updated with a banner of upcoming events, new contact information for divisions, assisting with news publication, citizen contacts, fill-in forms for citizens, pdf and flyers, changes to RPD station availability, changes for ADA compliance, content formatting for the release of new devices, code changes for process changes and workflow, integration updates with third parties like COP-LOGIC and server administration for SSL and domain name renewal and disk space etc.


Drug Prevention Program

The Grant funded RPD collaboration with the Pharmacy Board and the University of Reno to enact a Federally mandated study on the connection between prescription drug abuse and illegal drug use is being maintained by BCS. This work must be done via on site HIPAA secure visits, twice a year to the NV State Pharmacy board to update the custom BCS database with new download data in whatever format the data is sent in.


RPD Login Service

The new CJIS compliant service will need ongoing work performed to meet the feedback in 2019 as it expands its role to new CJIS compliance apps, the portal and beyond. This will involve retooling the process for registration and login by adding and removing steps, adjusting step timing (quicker is more secure but a tougher user experience), changing notifications and email notification content, formatting for new devices and adding new app and app roles to the system.


Mobile Officer’s Guide (MOG) 2.0

Mission critical operational application used by over 350 RPD employees. Law and Code creation is vital for information sharing. This program receives changes to reflect the changes in law and RPD phones and resources and sometimes quite urgently. For example, the marijuana laws effective January 2017 had to be quickly inserted in the resource section to assist officers with understanding that new scope, or at times there are critical phone numbers that must be updated immediately so officers can have the correct resources on scene.

Unifying content management systems for many of the RPD’s custom software solutions is critical. Using the MOG 1.0 ATL integration has not been efficient.  In a hosting analysis with the incredible pace of iOS and Android releases a new product should be created to replace the current one as pieces become dysfunctional.  Until then, this year we can expect to patch it where possible.


Hit and Run

This utility was created to help detectives investigating traffic incidents manage the report details and send out customized letters during the process of inquiry.  This app has moved from a utility on to the RPD Portal for many reasons but one is complacency.  We sought to secure the authentication due to implied suspect data being present.  The new version will launch this year.  We expect more multiple user based feature requests for printing reports with custom signatures for each user etc.


K9 Data

This app provides officers who are K9 Handlers the ability to track the many details of training and dog deployment for compliance and for testimony in court which is a regular occurrence for such data.   This dataset has grown large quickly in short time as it used to record nearly daily activity. This last year had a major revision to accommodate seizure data that needed included as the demand on the dogs and the reporting changed.  This product could have revisions requested this year.


Inquiry Testing Administration and Certification

This product consists of two parts.  An administrative tool for managing the certification process of employees with access to CJIS data is a compliancy issue;  As well as an online texting system to make taking the test as easy as possible including online documentation to refresh using on regulations and procedures.  In administration groups of employees who need to be retested can be notified and their results save and then need compliance documents can be printed.  Replacing the need to bring each person into the station and process them one by one.   This product could have revisions requested this year.


News Admin

The easy to use Content Management System for and MyRPD to publish RPD news to the public has and will require adjustments to the process as the users and templates change. This has been simplified by the integration with “Neverwatch” the online redaction tool for watch log entries. This is a candidate in FY20 for new code work.



This feature of is separate utility for importing the shared Google sheet of division data and posting to the directory view and then creating a printable list and a savable PDF. It requires occasional correction if the flexible spreadsheet input yields a user error which requires diagnostics.


General Orders

The utility for maintaining the database RPD General Orders PDF Documents requires some intervention each year to clean up user error and resolve name choices, and work with unusual PDF submissions.


RPD Annual Performance Survey

Feature rich progressive web app reaches out to the public and captures poll data to inform RPD command staff and provides trends. Data is an integral part of the RPD Annual Report.  This has been moved to an internal tool for recording respondent answers.  An update has been discussed to be more inclusive for gender and race.


Financial Implications:  The contract amount of $78,000 will be expended from Federal Forfeiture funds as needed for the fiscal year.


Legal Implications:  Since this is a purchase of computer software, this agreement is not adapted to award by competitive bidding pursuant to NRS 332.115(1) (h).