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Staff Report (For Possible Action): Case No. LDC18-00038 (Silver Vista) - A request has been made for a tentative map to develop a 51 lot single family subdivision. The ±6.5 acre site is located on the southwest corner of Long Meadow Drive and Veterans Parkway in the Bella Vista Ranch Planned Unit Development (PUD) zone. The site has a Master Plan land use designation of Special Planning Area. bjo


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LDC18-00038 (Silver Vista)


Silverado Homes NV, Inc.

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A request has been made for a tentative map to develop a 51 lot single family subdivision.


The ±6.5 acre site is located on the southwest corner of Long Meadow Drive and Veterans Parkway in the Bella Vista Ranch Planned Unit Development (PUD) zone. The site has a Master Plan land use designation of Special Planning Area.

Proposed Motion:

Based upon compliance with the applicable findings, I move to approve the tentative map, subject to conditions.


Recommended Conditions of Approval:


All conditions shall be met to the satisfaction of Community Development Department staff, unless otherwise noted.


  1. The project shall comply with all applicable City codes, plans, reports, materials, etc., as submitted.  In the event of a conflict between said plans, reports, materials and City codes, City codes in effect at the time the application is submitted, shall prevail.


  1. The applicant shall record the final map in accordance with the time limit contained in state law or this approval shall be null and void.


  1. Prior to the approval of each final map, the applicant shall have plans that demonstrate adequate infrastructure capacity for the construction, access, storm drain, sanitary sewer and any other utility improvements.  The applicant shall demonstrate that any necessary onsite or offsite easements exist or shall be created in the final map to accommodate utilities.


  1. Prior to the approval of each final map, the applicant shall provide analysis and documentation of available capacity in the existing and proposed sanitary sewer system to adequately convey the anticipated sanitary sewer flows from the project site.


  1. All required on-site and off-site sanitary sewer improvements necessary to serve the associated phase shall be complete and functional prior to the issuance of the first certificate of occupancy within the associated phase.  The applicant shall obtain a “will-serve” letter from Washoe County for the tie in of the sanitary sewer system.  All sanitary sewer mains and manholes shall be required to be constructed to City standards and dedicated to the City along with appropriate temporary and permanent construction, utility, access and maintenance easements for the sanitary sewer infrastructure per the Public Works Design Manual. 
  2. Prior to the approval of each final map, the applicant shall demonstrate the proposed storm water collection, conveyance, and discharge facilities mitigate downstream impacts and meet the City’s minimum requirements for erosion control, storm water flow velocities, and energy dissipation.
  3. Prior to the approval of each final map, the applicant shall have plans approved that include a final hydrology report that demonstrates that the site grading and drainage designs meet City standards and codes based on the most recent FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM).
  4. Prior to the approval of any building permit, the applicant shall apply for a City of Reno storm water permit to address storm water pollution prevention on the project site.
  5. Prior to the approval of each final map, the applicant shall provide a copy of the water “will-serve” letter.


  1. Prior to the approval of the final map, all intersections within the project shall be analyzed with respect to sight distance to insure that the proper traffic control is designed at the intersection.


  1. Prior to the issuance of each permit or recordation of each final map, the applicant shall have an approved geotechnical study specifically for Silver Vista that is in accordance with the Public Works Design Manual.  Recommendations provided in the geotechnical report shall be implemented into the site development. 


  1. Adequate “no parking” signage and demarcations shall be provided per City of Reno standards along the project site frontage on Long Meadow Drive.


  1. Prior to the approval of each final map, the applicant shall have plans approved that include a construction management and access plan.  The project shall comply with the approved construction management and access plan for the duration of the project.  This plan shall address project phasing, including utilities and infrastructure, and shall demonstrate adequate access to adjacent properties will be perpetuated and maintained during construction.


  1. Construction hours shall be limited to between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday and between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. on Saturday.  There shall be no construction on Sundays, excluding dust control and Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan measures. 


  1. Prior to a certificate of occupancy the applicant shall verify with city staff that all existing sidewalk, curb/gutter and landscape/irrigation along the project boundary has not been damaged and is replaced in kind.


  1. Prior to the approval of each final map, a public access easement shall be granted for all sidewalks constructed on private property.


  1. Prior to the approval of the first final map, the applicant shall provide a copy of a disclosure to each home buyer with their closing documents, notifying them that students in this project area may be assigned to the nearest school(s) with available capacity in the event that the zoned schools cannot accommodate additional students.


  1. Prior to the issuance of a final map, the applicant shall provide a copy of the privately owned and shared driveway agreement and associated easements between the impacted parcels.  All on-site common use driveways shall be privately owned and maintained with appropriate access easements and maintenance agreements as set forth in the tentative map application.  Site accesses shall not be gated.  All lots on a shared private driveway shall be designed to minimize the overall length of the drive.  Screening and buffering shall be provided at the end of all shared private drives to mitigate potential impacts on adjacent properties.  To provide emergency access, shared driveways shall be less than 150 feet in length, a minimum of 14 feet wide and be designated as no parking.


Background: The subject site is located within Village B of the Bella Vista Ranch Planned Urban Development (BVR-PUD).  The parcel was dedicated to the City of Reno as part of the PUD agreement. The site is identified within the PUD as a Public Facility and the parcel is currently owned by the City of Reno.  The BVR-PUD Handbook Section II Development Standard G Public Safety states that the City is allowed to sell all or a portion of the property if the original intended use is no longer appropriate. The site has recently been auctioned by the City to the applicant.  The site was previously graded during the first phase of the BVR Village B development. At that time the project site, surrounding projects and infrastructure were brought out of the floodplain.  Sidewalk and landscape was previously installed along Veterans Parkway, Long Meadow Drive and Echo Valley Road.




Land Use Compatibility:  The BVR-PUD Handbook, Section II Development Standards states that if the site is not developed as a public facility, any uses permitted in Village B shall be allowed.  Per the Handbook small lot development, as defined in Reno Municipal Code (RMC) 18.12.102 (Standards for Single-Family Residential Base Zoning Districts), is allowed in Village B. Lot standards as defined by the Handbook allow ten dwelling units per acre (du/ac).  The applicant has proposed a 51 lot single family residential development with lots ranging in size from ±3,467 square feet to ±8,884 square feet with an average lot size of ±4,108 square feet.  The overall density of the proposed development is 7.85 units per acre (Exhibit A).  Surrounding uses include a neighborhood park to the north and single family residential to the east, west and south.  Residential lots backing up to the subject site to the south are consistent in size with the proposed development. The proposed use is compatible with the surrounding uses and the lot standards and densities outlined in the BVR-PUD Handbook and RMC Section 18.12.102 [Standards for Single Family Residential Base Zoning Districts (Small Lot)].  The PUD was originally approved for a total of 1,700 single family lots dispersed throughout the PUD boundary.  The Handbook includes flexibility with regard to the number of lots each village accommodated as long as the overall number does not exceed 1,700.  To date 1,456 units have either been approved or built, leaving a total of 193 units that could still be mapped within the BVR-PUD. The inclusion of the proposed project will bring the number of units to 1,507.


Aside from construction activities associated with development, the proposed single family use should have minimal impacts on the single family uses nearby.  Due to the proximity of the site to existing residential properties, it is recommended that hours of operation for construction activities, including grading and road construction, be limited to mitigate the potential development impacts on established residential properties located within the surrounding area.  A construction access and management plan should be provided detailing workflow and potential impacts (Conditions 13 and 14). 

Urban/Environmental Design:  The original land use designation of Public Facility has created a situation where the surrounding residential development limits the design options, connectivity and access to the subject parcel.  To maximize the subject area the applicant has proposed shared driveways to access two lots in the corners of the site.  The driveways will be owned by the homeowners, constructed of concrete and be designed to meet drainage and ADA standards to the public sidewalk.  The corner lots will be required to have garage placement to the interior of the development minimizing the overall drive length.  Landscaping will be required at the end of the drives to buffer and provide screening to adjacent residential developments (Condition 18).


Per the Bell Vista Ranch Handbook-Village B, the standards for small lot single family residential units are:


Minimum lot area:

Minimum lot width:

2,400 square feet

35 feet

Front Yard Setback:

10 feet

Side Yard Setback:


Rear Yard Setback:

10 feet

Maximum Building Height:

35 feet


20 feet

Landscape/natural area:

20 percent


Homes are proposed to be one and two story designs with a minimum of two car garages. One story units will be used at the development entrance to respect the scale of the entrance and privacy of the residences at the entrance. The homes will meet the design standards outlined in Lot Standards, Village B within the BVR-PUD.  They will reflect the same style and setbacks as the single family detached units adjacent to the project site.  The existing subdivision to the south includes two single story, single family homes with ten foot front and rear yard setbacks and five foot side yard setbacks.  The applicant currently has home plans that will be modified to meet the architectural elements defined in the BVR-PUD Handbook.  Plans will be reviewed by Bella Vista Ranch Owners Association (BVROA) for compliance to the Handbook standards (Exhibit B).


The BVR-PUD requires that 20% of the project site be landscaped. Per the BVR-PUD Handbook this percentage includes front yards, common areas and the right-of-way.  Landscaping will be provided along Long Meadow Drive and the front yards of the homes.  Common areas, the right of way along Long Meadow Drive and Echo Valley Road and the front yard landscaping total ±1.31 acres and will fulfill the 20% requirement outlined in BVR-PUD.  All landscaping will be maintained through a Landscape Maintenance Association of the homeowners association.


All fencing and walls constructed as part of the project will be in accordance with the standards in the BVR-PUD Handbook Section III, (C,4).  The sound wall along Veterans Parkway will be extended along the subject site using the same or similar material to maintain the uniformity of the PUD.  Six foot high, solid fencing will be provided along the rear and side lot lines throughout the development.


Project signage will consist of a monument entry sign located at the entrance along Long Meadow Drive and will be designed in accordance to the standards outlined in the BVR-PUD Handbook. Materials and style of the proposed signs will be complimentary and consistent with the future homes.  The signage lighting will be indirect to provide visibility for way-finding and at the same time provide no impact on surrounding residential uses.


Public Safety:  Police commented that development signage at the entrance increases territorial reinforcement and reduces responding emergency personnel response times by easily identify the development.  The sound wall provides decreased noise levels for residences. As a solid barrier the wall also provides safety to the residences from possible high speed traffic incidences on Veterans Parkway. Landscape areas should be maintained to Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) standards (Exhibit C -Agency Comments).


Reno City Fire Station 12 is located at 1190 Steamboat Parkway. The Station is 1.5 miles from the site and has an approximate response time of three minutes.  All future development shall comply with the edition of the International Fire Code in effect at the time of development.  With the driveway distance under 150 feet in length, Reno Fire Department does not have any concerns regarding the shared driveways as long as they are constructed to a minimum width of 14 feet with prohibition of parking (Condition 20).  The entrance to the development will be designed to Fire Department standards to accommodate safe access to the project.  During construction, temporary fire apparatus access roads shall be provided.  Temporary access roads shall be constructed following all the provisions of permanent fire department access roads, except that the surface is required to be an engineered compacted base material.  The road base shall support fire trucks, be resistant to wear from travel and weather, and shall be maintained as a drivable surface.  During and throughout the construction process, work on a construction project shall be prohibited by the Fire Department for failure to service and maintain fire apparatus access roads. Hydrants shall be installed no further than 400 feet apart along the Reno Fire Department Access Road and shall be tested prior to lumber being brought on site for the construction of the building(s).  Such compliance shall include, but shall not be limited to, fire department access, fire sprinkler systems required, fire alarm systems required and fire hydrant placement (TM finding 4, 9 and 10).


Public Improvements:  All necessary utilities to serve the project site are in place or can be extended to the site and are stubbed to the northwest corner of the site.  All necessary easements for utilities will be shown on the final map.  The final map will show any existing easements that currently encumber the site as relinquished, accommodated or relocated to the appropriate location (Condition 3)


A preliminary sewer report was provided with the application and indicates that the downstream public infrastructure has sufficient capacity to serve the development while meeting all Public Works Design Manual (PWDM) criteria.  A final sanitary sewer report shall be provided with each final map (Condition 6).  Offsite capacity shall be determined with the final sewer report.  The applicant will be responsible for completing any necessary on or off-site improvements to the sewer infrastructure in order to provide capacity.  The sanitary sewer is ultimately treated at the South Meadows Water Reclamation Facility (STMWRF).  A sewer will-serve letter will need to be provided from Washoe County with any final maps (Condition 5).


A preliminary drainage report was provided with the application.  The proposed project site is located within a Zone X flood area.  A Zone X designation indicates that the site has a minimal flood hazard.  The site is currently undeveloped and consists of grasses.  This site is a proposed infill development.  An 18-inch storm drain pipe was stubbed to the northeast corner of the site.  The existing connection stub connects to the storm drain system in Echo Valley Parkway and flows north and outfalls in a ditch that bisects the future park site to the north.  Flow is then directed to Steamboat Creek which drains into the Truckee River.  The site was analyzed with the Hydrology Report completed with Bella Vista Ranch Village B.  A final hydrology report shall be provided with any permit or final map associated with the project.  The report will need to analyze the proposed project site and address all of the City’s requirements in the PWDM for storm drain systems (Conditions 6 and 7).  With any building permit the applicant shall be required to apply for a City of Reno storm water permit to address storm water pollution prevention on the project site (Condition 8).


According to the application, water service to the site will be provided by Truckee Meadows Water Authority (TMWA).  Prior to the approval of a final map the applicant is required to provide a will-serve letter (Condition 9).  The will serve provides proof that the water rights necessary to serve the proposed project are in place (TM finding 1, 2 & 3).


A geotechnical summary was provided with the application.  A site specific geotechnical report should be required with a final map (Condition 11) (TM finding 8)


Traffic, Access and Circulation:  A preliminary traffic report was not included with the application.  According to the Institute for Transportation Engineers (ITE) Trip Generation Manual, most recent edition, trip generation for this project is expected to generate 40 AM peak hour trips (PHT) and 53 PM PHT with 489 Average Daily Trips (ADT).  The trips generated by this proposed project do not trigger the requirement for a traffic impact analysis according to RMC 18.12.903 (Traffic Impact Analysis Requirements).  A traffic study was completed with the approval of the BVR-PUD.  This traffic study completed accounts for the traffic generated by the number of units proposed with this development (TM finding 6 and 7).  Access to the subdivision will be from Long Meadow Drive via Veteran’s Parkway.  Access to the proposed project site was originally identified from Echo Valley Parkway along the western boundary of the parcel.  However, due to existing underground utility vaults access was not feasible and was relocated.  Additionally, access from Echo Valley Parkway would conflict with an existing school bus stop.  The access from Long Meadow Drive will have two, 25 foot wide drive aisles with a ten foot wide landscape median located between the drive aisles.  The applicant will be responsible for verifying sight distance at all intersections within the proposed development (Condition 10). 


Long Meadow Drive is considered a residential collector and as such parking on the street should be minimized.  With the proposed project the applicant should install adequate “no parking” signage and demarcations per City of Reno standards along the project site frontage on Long Meadow Drive (Condition 12).  The proposed access design meets City of Reno Fire Department standards and will allow for ingress, egress and emergency access in the event that one aisle is blocked (TM finding 9).  In addition the entrance to the site will have a 15 foot wide landscape parkway strip and sidewalk on both sides of the entrance drive aisles.  The primary road within the proposed project site has been designed in accordance with the local residential street section standards found within in the BVR PUD.  Sidewalks on both sides of the street will be provided, providing access to the existing meandering sidewalk along Echo Valley Parkway, Long Meadow Drive and Veterans Parkway (Condition 16).  All existing landscape and sidewalks should be protected in place and/or replaced if damaged during the construction of this proposed project (Condition 15). 


Master Plan:  As proposed and with recommended conditions, the project appears to be consistent with the following applicable Master Plan policies and objectives:  H-9 disperse housing types and sizes throughout the City; H-14 The City should promote owner-occupied housing units and support programs that increase homeownership opportunities. E-24 promote the reduction in energy use by encouraging the use of products and materials that maximize energy efficiency in building construction; GI-2 the city should utilize special assessment districts, impacts fees, private financing techniques and other methods as appropriate to finance capital improvements and infrastructure. P-1 site access safe, convenient and logical while minimizing impacts on adjacent streets; P-2 access to individual lots from local streets; CD-3 encourage PUD zoning, flexible lot sizes and clustering when open space is provided and sensitive areas are protected; BD-1 development density, building mass and architectural details should be sensitive to the context and scale of the surrounding area; Objective #1: Site Design; (TM finding 5).


General Code ComplianceAs proposed and with recommended conditions, the project is consistent with City Code (TM finding 5).


Other Reviewing Bodies


Washoe County School District:  Students residing in the subdivision will attend Double Diamond Elementary School, Depoali Middle School and Damonte Ranch High School.  The 51 unit single family development will impact school facilities.  The estimated student increases are nine new elementary students, three new middle school students and five new high school students.  The Washoe County School District now has sustainable and adequate funding for building and repairing schools (capital funds).A new elementary school will be opening in the Fall of 2019 in the South Meadows area and will provide significant relief to overcrowding at both Double Diamond and Brown Elementary Schools (Exhibit D) (Condition 17) (TM finding 4 and 9).


Neighborhood Advisory Board:  This project was reviewed by the Ward 3 Neighborhood Advisory Board on December 5, 2017. Comments at the NAB included concerns of parking and lack of bike paths on Longmeadow Drive and possible vision triangle issues.  Comments from citizen are attached to this report (Exhibit D).




Land Use

Master Plan Designation



City Park

Special Planning Area

Neighborhood Park

PUD Bella Vista Ranch


Residential Single Family

Special Planning Area

Single Family Residential

PUD Bella Vista Ranch


Residential Single Family

Special Planning Area

Single Family Residential

PUD Bella Vista Ranch


Residential Single Family

Special Planning Area

Single Family Residential

PUD Bella Vista Ranch


Legal Requirements:


RMC 18.06.501 Tentative Subdivision Map Procedures




Tentative Map:  When issuing a decision on a tentative map, the planning commission shall consider the following:


(1)              Environmental and health laws and regulations concerning water and air pollution, solid waste disposal, water supply facilities, community or public sewage disposal and, where applicable, individual systems for sewage disposal;


(2)              Availability of water which meets applicable health standards and is sufficient for the reasonably foreseeable needs of the subdivision;


(3)              Availability and accessibility of utilities;


(4)              Availability and accessibility of public services such as schools, police and fire protection transportation, recreation and parks;


(5)              Conformity with the zoning ordinances, master plan, and elements thereof, except that if any existing zoning ordinance is inconsistent with the master plan, the zoning ordinance takes precedence;


(6)              General conformity with the governing body’s master plan of streets and highways.


(7)              Effect of the proposed subdivision on existing public streets and the need for new streets or highways to serve the subdivision;


(8)              Physical land characteristics such as flood plain, slope, soil; and


(9)              Recommendations and comments of those entities reviewing the tentative map pursuant to NRS 278.330 and 278.348.


(10)              Availability and accessibility of fire protection, including, but not limited to, the availability and accessibility of water and services for the prevention and containment of fires, including fires in wild lands; and


(11)              Submission by the subdivider of an affidavit stating that the subdivider will make provision for payment of the tax imposed by Chapter 375 of NRS and for compliance with the disclosure and recording requirements of subsection 5 of NRS 598.0923, if applicable, by the subdivider or any successor in interest.


Meeting History

Jan 3, 2018 6:00 PM Video Reno City Planning Commission Regular

Eric Hasty, Wood Rodger, representing the applicant, presented an overview of the project to the commission.

Brook Oswald, Associate Planner, presented the staff report.

Commissioners Marshall and Olivas had no disclosures. The remaining commissioners present disclosed that they visited the site, received email and/or spoke with the applicant's representative.

At this time Chair Gower opened public comment for this item.

Wanda Cardinalli discussed safety concerns.

Hearing and seeing no further public comment requests, Chair Gower closed public comment.

Shawnee Dunagan, Associate Civil Engineer, and Mr. Hasty answered questions from Commissioner Weiske regarding parking.

Mr. Oswald answered questions from Chair Gower regarding driveway landscaping. He also stated that the interior public road provides adequate parking.

Mr. Oswald confirmed for Commissioner Marshall that only single family housing will be allowed.

It was moved by Commissioner Johnson, seconded by Commissioner Weiske, in the case of LDC18-00038 (Silver Vista), based upon compliance with the applicable findings, to approve the tentative map, subject to conditions. The motion carried unanimously with six (6) commissioners present.

MOVER:Mark Johnson, Vice-Chairman
SECONDER:Kevin Weiske, Commissioner
AYES:Kevin Weiske, Mark Johnson, Ed Hawkins, Paul Olivas, Peter Gower, John Marshall
ABSENT:Britton Griffith