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Staff Report (For Possible Action): Case No. LDC18-00013 (Mountaingate 78) - This is a request for: 1) a tentative map to develop a 78 lot single family residential subdivision; and 2) special use permits for: a) disturbance of a major drainageway, and b) commercial development on ±3.87 acres with residential adjacency. The ±41.27 acre site is located southwest of the intersection of Arrowcreek Parkway and Wedge Parkway in the Wedge/Dorostkar/Duxbury/Peigh Specific Plan District (SPD - WDDP) and cooperative planning area overlay zones. The site has a Master Plan Land Use designation of Special Planning Area-Wedge/Dorostkar/Dusbury Peigh Specific Plan. njg This item was continued from the November 1, 2017 Planning Commission Meeting.


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The Planning Commission continued this case at the November 1, 2017 public hearing in order to allow the applicant additional time to address issues discussed by the Commission.  The applicant was encouraged to further address restricting subdivision access and public parking on Whites Creek Lane, pedestrian safety enhancements at the Wedge Parkway intersection, design of single story homes adjacent to Whites Creek Lane, and enhanced analysis for the perceived need for a dedicated turn lane on Wedge Parkway. Accordingly, the applicant has provided the attached written response and supplemental material. Applicable findings and conditions of approval can be referenced in the attached November 1, 2017 Planning Commission staff report.

Proposed Modifications to Conditions of Approval:

Should the Commission approve this request with proposed amendments, staff recommends the following additions/modifications to the conditions of approval.  For ease of reference, the modifications to Conditions No. 3 and 34 proposed in the November 1, 2017 Planning Commission Memo have been incorporated below.


  1. The applicant shall apply for [all] a building permit[s] for the commercial portion of the project within 18 months from the date of final map approval for said portion, and continuously maintain the validity of [those] applicable permits, or approval of the residential adjacency special use permit shall be null and void.

34.              The commercial project driveway and residential private access off of Wedge Parkway shall be designed and located in conformance with the Traffic Study (prepared Paul Solaegui, dated July, 2017) on file for the project [and] or in accordance with the driveway spacing and offset requirements of the Public Works Design Manual.

37.              Prior to the approval of each permit or final map, the applicant shall provide an on-site Sidewalk/Pedestrian Connectivity Plan depicting the existing and proposed pedestrian routes and facility improvements to the satisfaction of the Community Development Department. Improvements shall include a flashing pedestrian crossing beacon system at the Whites Creek Lane and Wedge Parkway Intersection.

38.              Prior to the first final map approval, the applicant shall demonstrate that all proposed parcels adjacent to Whites Creek Lane (Lots 1-14 and 44) are restricted to one story in height.

Meeting History

Dec 7, 2017 6:00 PM Video Reno City Planning Commission Regular

Chris Baker, Manhard Consulting, gave an overview of the request and modifications made to the plan since this item was last heard by the Planning Commission.

Nathan Gilbert, Associate Planner, presented an overview of the staff report and noted that Condition No. 38 in the report should be numbered Condition No. 44.

Commissioners Weiske and Johnson disclosed that they met with applicant's representative since the last meeting. Commissioner Hawkins disclosed that he spoke with the applicant's representative and revisited the site. Commissioner Griffith-Douglass disclosed that she spoke with the applicant's representative. Chair Gower disclosed that he watched the recording of the last meeting as he was not present. Commissioner Olivas disclosed that he visited the site.

At this time Chair Gower opened public comment for this item.

Jeff Zupon discussed traffic issues.

Mitchell Miller discussed traffic issues.

Susan Herz Callahan expressed appreciation that her concerns have been addressed. She also discussed traffic issues.

Jim Endres expressed appreciation for the plan to include an emergency access only gate on Whites Creek. Whites Creek will be a dead end and appropriate signage is needed. He also discussed other traffic issues.

Dan Fitzsimmons was impressed to see the compromise between the public and the builder. He also discussed traffic issues.

Jonathan Hurst spoke in favor of the commercial aspect of the project.

David Wood spoke in favor of the commercial development.

Hearing and seeing no further public comment requests, Chair Gower closed public comment.

Mr. Gilbert confirmed for Commissioner Weiske that the applicant can withdraw this application at any time and revert back to the existing entitlement. If this application is approved, it will supersede the existing entitlement. Mr. Gilbert later clarified that the initial draft did include a terminating condition that did not make the final publication so if this is approved, the existing entitlement would not terminate until April 2018.

Mr. Baker confirmed for Commissioner Marshall that there can be pedestrian connectivity at the gated end of the cul-de-sac onto Whites Creek. He also confirmed that the trail system connects into the commercial component.

Commissioner Weiske discussed the issue related to making left turns into the commercial area during peak events and asked if the applicant came up with any other options.

Mr. Baker discussed the issue of the existing crossings to the north that do not allow the necessary linear feet for a taper for a dedicated turn lane.

Paul Solaegui, Solaegui Engineers, responded to questions regarding the traffic study. This project is considered a mid-range traffic generator and it did not trigger a massive traffic study. It was a thorough traffic study and specific criteria about turn lanes was used. The study found that everything is operating at a Level of Service B or C and with the addition of this project traffic, it will continue to operate at high levels of service exceeding what the policy requires. Based on the traffic volumes, the analysis found that turn lanes are not needed.

Mr. Solaegui confirmed for Commissioner Weiske that the traffic study does include the units that are approved and not built on the east side of Wedge Parkway.

Janelle Thomas, Senior Civil Engineer, explained for Commissioner Marshall that mid-block pedestrian crossings are not advised. There is a major drainageway which would not allow the construction of the commercial site to be closer to the intersection where there is pedestrian crossing.

Mr. Baker clarified that the access to the apartments across the street from the commercial center is not the primary access for the apartments.

Commissioner Weiske stated that he can make all of the findings after listening to discussion. Commissioner Johnson stated that based on the feedback they received regarding traffic, he can make all of the findings.

It was moved by Commissioner Weiske, seconded by Commissioner Johnson, in the case of LDC18-00013 (Mountaingate 78), based upon compliance with the applicable findings, to approve the tentative map and special use permit, subject to conditions with the revisions submitted by staff in the staff report including the correction to change Condition No. 38 to Condition No. 44.

MOVER:Kevin Weiske, Commissioner
SECONDER:Mark Johnson, Vice-Chairman
AYES:Kevin Weiske, Mark Johnson, Ed Hawkins, Paul Olivas, Britton Griffith-Douglass, Peter Gower, John Marshall