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Business License

Plaza Resort Club, LLC, Max Haynes, 121 West Street - Bar and Packaged Beer and Wine


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Category:New - AlcoholWards:Ward 5


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Ordinance or Resolution

The Approval of Privileged Business Licenses staff report can be found under agenda item B.1.




Description of Business

Hotel with bar


Business License Type

Bar and Packaged Beer and Wine





Inspection Update



i.               Zoning

Passed/Approved (MU/DRRC/ENT)


ii.               Health Inspection



iii.               Building

Not Required


iv.               Environmental Control



v.               Fire Inspection



vi.               Police Inspection



vii.              Police Verification

Not Required


Zoning Hours of Operation Allowed

24 Hours


Hours of Operation

24 Hours


Meeting History

Oct 11, 2017 9:00 AM Video Reno City Council Regular


Council Member Brekhus discussed the cap on package liquor licenses with lodging facilities in the downtown area and noted that we are not below the cap.

Michael Chaump, Business Relations Manager, explained that in 2008 when RMC 5.07.125 was adopted there was a call out in the staff report that the maximum number of package alcohol sale licenses allowed within the redevelopment district did not include package beer and wine sales. Staff has moved forward with allowing package beer and wine sales as long as they meet the land use requirements.

Council Member Brekhus discussed the need to advance our downtown vision and expressed concern regarding the use of a past staff report that states beer and wine sales are except from the alcohol license cap. The ordinance should specify that alcohol in this case is defined as not beer and wine. She suggested moving this item to a future meeting so there can be more analysis on this issue and feedback from legal counsel.

Vice Mayor Jardon asked to hear from the applicant.

John Wolf, Plaza Resort Club, discussed their plans for the liquor license.

Vice Mayor Jardon requested input from City Manager Newby on the continuation of this item to get more clarity.

City Manager Newby stated that the item can be moved to the October 25, 2017, meeting if needed.

Julie Towler, Deputy City Attorney, agreed with Mr. Chaump's assessment and stated that the referenced staff report does specify the distinction that beer and wine sales are not included in the cap.

Council Member McKenzie expressed concern regarding the use of a staff report for an exception to an ordinance that is not clarified in that ordinance. The ordinance should stand by itself and we should not go back to a staff report from ten years ago to say what was intended by the ordinance.

Vice Mayor Jardon asked if the City Attorney would be able to provide any further clarification than what has already been stated if this item is continued.

Ms. Towler stated that staff could further examine the legal issue but they would probably still be citing the referenced staff report.

Council Member Bobzien noted that other businesses have benefited from the standing interpretation heard by staff and stated that he would be uncomfortable putting a hurdle in front of another business that is looking to move forward.

Assistant City Manager Bill Thomas stated that it would be of value to bring back a conversation to this Council so we can better understand the policy direction on how to handle downtown alcohol licenses.

City Manager Newby supported a future discussion on the issue but stated there is a business right now that is looking to open.

Council Member McKenzie did not want to hold up this license request but agreed that a future discussion on the issue is needed.

A motion was made by Vice Mayor Jardon, seconded by Council Member McKenzie, to approve Item B.1.a.1.

Council Member Brekhus stated that she does not think the analysis provided by staff is accurate. That staff report language pertained to the exemption that was being written and should not be relied upon for legislative history. She mentioned issues that came up during the Downtown Action Plan process and the economic boost that package liquor stores give to motels that are not doing well.

The motion carried with Council Member Brekhus voting nay and Mayor Schieve absent.

MOVER:Neoma Jardon, Councilmember
SECONDER:Paul McKenzie, Councilmember
AYES:Naomi Duerr, Oscar Delgado, Paul McKenzie, Neoma Jardon, David Bobzien
NAYS:Jenny Brekhus
ABSENT:Hillary Schieve