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Staff Report

Staff Report (For Possible Action): Approval of Contract for Professional Services: Accela Modification Contract between the City of Reno and Truepoint Solutions, LLC for a term of three years in an amount not to exceed $50,000 per fiscal year. (Building Permit Fund)


Department:Community Development - BuildingSponsors:

Recommendation and Proposed Motion

Recommendation:  Staff recommends Council approve the Contract for Professional Services: Accela Modification Contract between the City of Reno and Truepoint Solutions LLC and authorize the Mayor to sign the agreement.


Proposed Motion:  I move to approve staff recommendation.

Staff Report Formal Body

Summary: This contract allows for the continued provision of Accela modification services and related tasks for the Community Development Building Division.


Background:  In 2008, the City of Reno and Truepoint Solutions executed an Agreement for Accela modifications, including support, system changes, fee schedule configuration change, and other duties as required.  The term of the agreement was one year and was subsequently extended.  The City has utilized these consulting services continuously since that time.  The reason this agreement is coming before Council is because the cumulative value of services rendered over the past nine years now exceeds administrative authorization.


Discussion:  The services to be performed by Truepoint shall be performed on an as-needed basis for the period September 13, 2017 through September 12, 2020, unless City extends for up to two three year periods, for a total not to exceed nine years. This contract is exempt from the RFP process per NRS 332.115(1)(b).


Staff has relied on Truepoint Solutions as a reliable Accela consultant prior, during, and subsequent to the adoption of the Regional Permit System.  Staff believes that Truepoint’s services are needed for the foreseeable future.


The Contract calls for an hourly billing rate of $150.


Financial Implications:  Funds are available in the Fiscal Year 17/18 Building Permit Fund for the Community Development Building Division budget.


Legal Implications:  Legal review completed for compliance with City procedures and Nevada Law.


Meeting History

Sep 13, 2017 12:00 PM Video Reno City Council Regular


Mayor Schieve requested a staff report.

Bill Thomas, Assistant City Manager, provided an overview of the staff report and a history of the regional business license process.

Discussion ensued regarding concerns about the Accela regional business license and building permit processes, and the need for consultants to work on fixes to the new technology.

Council Member Duerr recommended that staff conduct a retrospective audit on the periods of time when things were not quite working.

The Mayor called for public comment.

Eddie Lorton, no address provided, discussed concerns about the agreements the City has made with ADP (Automatic Data Processing, Inc.) and Accela.

Council Member Brekhus requested information regarding how the regional technology fee is coming in for the three jurisdictions that pay for this module.

The Council upheld the staff recommendation.

MOVER:Jenny Brekhus, Councilmember
SECONDER:David Bobzien, Councilmember
AYES:Hillary Schieve, Jenny Brekhus, Naomi Duerr, Oscar Delgado, Paul McKenzie, Neoma Jardon, David Bobzien