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Staff Report

Staff Report (For Possible Action): Presentation, update and potential direction to staff on the proposed Motel Inspection Program (MIP).


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Recommendation and Proposed Motion

Recommendation:  Staff recommends acceptance of the staff report.

Proposed Motion: I move to accept the staff report.


Staff Report Formal Body

Summary:  In accordance with direction from the City Council, the attached presentation provides an overview of a new Code Enforcement inspection program for motels used for “non-transient” extended stays.


Previous Council Action:  In 2015, the City Council approved the creation of a motel inspection program as part of the “Blight Initiative”.  During the Fiscal Year (FY) 17/18 budget process, the City Council approved funding for the resources necessary to implement the program pending approval of a presentation to Council delineating how the program will be implemented.


Background: The Motel Inspection Program is part of a multifaceted approach approved by the City Council to mitigate blight within the city and also plays a role in the current plan to revitalize downtown, as approximately over 75 percent of the motel stock within the city is located downtown.  The idea of the inspection program was recommended by both consultants and downtown representatives in public meetings, with the thought of requiring motel owners to maintain adequately clean, safe, up to code, and aesthetic housing that contributes to the desired livability and appearance of the City of Reno. 


Discussion:  The new inspection program will require the implementation of new ordinances to Title 4 “Business License Code” and Chapter 14.05 “Property Maintenance Code” of the Reno Municipal Code.  This will follow the public process and business impact statement process as required by state law.  This program will raise the bar on the maintenance of motel properties by requiring mandatory annual inspections, while taking into consideration any possible impacts to business owners, tenants, and surrounding community.  


Financial Implications: Ongoing funding of the resources approved in the FY 17/18 budget.


Legal Implications: None.