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Liaison Reports Update

Staff Report (For Possible Action): Update, discussion and potential direction regarding Liaison Reports.


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  2. 7-27-16 Staff Liaison Reports

Recommendation and Proposed Motion

Recommendation: Staff recommends Council accept the staff report.


Proposed Motion: I move to accept the staff report.

Staff Report Formal Body

Summary: To support the efforts to enhance communications and community engagement as well as providing efficient and responsive City services, staff liaison reports are being provided.


A designated staff member for each public body, whether board, commission, committee, or public group, shall complete a Staff Liaison Report form for each designated board and commission meeting held. These updates are intended to be an executive summary to highlight items, rather than detailed minutes of the meeting.


The goal is to keep the Council as a whole apprised of public board activities in a timely manner and to assist the Council to have an open dialog with our community.


Discussion:  See attached for a staff liaison report on the following Council boards & commissions:

¨     Access Advisory Committee

¨     Artown

¨     Building Enterprise Fund Advisory Committee

¨     Capital Projects Surcharge Advisory Subcommittee of the Reno City Council

  X   City of Reno Charter Committee

¨     Civil Service Commission

¨     Community Assistance Center - Transitional Governing Board

¨     Debt Management Commission

¨     District Board of Health (WC)

¨     Downtown Maintenance Special Assessment District Committee

¨     Downtown Police Tax District Committee

¨     Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada

¨     Financial Advisory Board

  X   Historical Resources Commission

Nevada League of Cities

¨     Oversight Panel for School Facilities

¨     Recreation and Parks Commission

¨     Redevelopment Agency Advisory Board

¨     Regional Planning Commission

¨     Regional Planning Governing Board

¨     Regional Transportation Commission

X   Reno Arts and Culture Commission

¨     Reno City Planning Commission

¨     Reno Housing Authority

¨     Reno Sparks Convention and Visitors Authority

¨     Reno Tahoe Airport Authority

X   Senior Citizen Advisory Committee

¨     Sparks City Council

¨     Sierra Arts Foundation

¨     Special Events Sponsorship Committee

X   TMWRF Joint Coordinating Committee

¨     Truckee Meadows Water Authority

¨     Truckee River Flood Management Authority

¨     Urban Forestry Commission

¨     Ward 1 Neighborhood Advisory Board

¨     Ward 2 Neighborhood Advisory Board

¨     Ward 3 Neighborhood Advisory Board

¨     Ward 4 Neighborhood Advisory Board

¨     Ward 5 Neighborhood Advisory Board

X   Washoe County Commission

¨     Washoe County School Board

¨     Washoe County Stadium Authority

¨     Western Regional Water Commission

¨     Youth City Council


Financial Implications:  None at this time.


Legal Implications:  Legal review completed for compliance with City procedures and Nevada Law.

Meeting History

Jul 27, 2016 10:00 AM Video Reno City Council & Redevelopment Agency Board Joint Regular

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